Ed Beaver

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Performance Schedule

Gigs cancelled until further notice.


Ed Beaver grew up in the wild west town of Gallup, New Mexico. Route 66 was still the main artery from the East Coast to the West Coast. Gallup was the Indian Capital of the World. Cowboys were real. Pickup trucks and horses were tools and transportation carrying goods and families to and from the range and reservation. Movie stars walked the streets and the Harvey House was upscale dining. Ed was a street kid. He sold newspapers and played in the arroyos downtown. The tracks were two blocks from his house and Saturdays were always an adventure as the tourists and indians crowded the streets for weekend revelry. His life would become a song in the making.

His musical roots included the Big Bands of World War II, Rock and Roll of the Fifties, Country and Western music, when it was called Country and Western  and his mother’s influence, Puerto Rican music including Salsa and Boleros. Ed learned guitar, like many of his friends, in High School. His first band, "The Rejects" (Cool name, huh?) performed for school dances and functions.

Ed is an independent songwriter who always followed his own path.  His songs reflect these roots in eclectic rhythms and his approach to songwriting.


He was published by Buckhorn Music and Famous Music. His song “Who Needs Her” was on hold for B.W. Stevenson. Buck became ill and never recorded it. 


Ed never really bought into songwriting for money as he preferred to write what he felt in his heart and when he felt it. He never missed the grind of the music mill.


He moved to Nashville twice. The first time in the "80's' as a songwriter with the help of Willis Alan Ramsey. He stayed about a year and saw it was not going to be in his best interests to stay. Nashville was in transition (again) and the direction was not one he was comfortable with. Besides, there were Texas women waiting to break his heart. How could he say no?


The second time, about the year 2001, was as a guitar repairman/Luthier after being encouraged by old friends who knew his work. This put him in contact with many of the industry songwriter’s and performers.

He kept them separate and continued to write and sing what he felt was important. A new friend, Thom Bresh and old friend John Knowles encouraged him to perform publicly and he appeared in and around the Nashville area.


Jim Pasquale recognized his songs from being at Famous Music and invited Ed to Play at Pensacola Beach Songwriter's Festival. It was there that Thom Bresh formed the 3B's, a trio of writers including himself, Bobby Keel and Ed. They have continued to perform at festivals including the renowned, Frank Brown International Songwriter Festival in Gulf Shores, FL.

Most recently, Ed performed in the round with Lisa Carver and Jim Parker in The 2nd Annual Singer Songwriter Festival at Hotel Eklund in Clayton, NM. It was a resounding success.